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C Maïs, DCNS Research, France – L Lemonnier, CLARTE, France – Y Bouju, DCNS, France and A Bouchet, CLARTE, France, HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN FOR AN INNOVATIVE TRAINING SYSTEM USING VIRTUAL REALITY: NAVAL HELOHANDLING TRAINER (NHT), Humans Factors, 28-29 september 2016, London, UK.


This paper presents the Human Centered approach used for an innovative training system using a virtual reality (NHT) headset (Oculus RIFT). This system aims to train flight-deck crew (HCO, LSO…) on naval ships. Firstly, the importance of NHT as an asset for training of such crews and a modern naval force is discussed and the user requirements it fulfills are described. Details concerning the system developed by CLARTE and DCNS are then given in the second section. This paper presents the Human Centered approach used to design the NHT solution for the flight-deck director. This solution is based on a Virtual Reality Environment using a head-mounted display and a real-time Gesture Recognition toolkit. One of the main challenges is to develop a system that is sufficiently representative of real-life conditions (ship platform movements especially) while not causing virtual-reality sickness during training sessions. In a third part, the evaluation of this solution is presented, especially the “Virtual Sickness” aspect. Finally, the results are discussed.

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