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Our expertise in virtual reality at the service of companies

For more than 20 years, CLARTE has been providing its expertise in virtual reality for companies through research work, awareness raising, advising, and support activities.

"Virtual reality is all the sciences and technologies allowing the user to feel a virtual environment. Thus the purpose of virtual reality is to allow one or more users a sensorimotor and cognitive activity in a virtual world, created numerically, which can be imaginary, symbolic or a simulation of certain aspects of the real world."

The aim of virtual reality technology contrary to Augmented realy is to "immerse" a user in an artificial environment, allowing him to interact intuitively and naturally with this virtual environment.

In the professional framework, there are a lot of uses of virtual reality. It can be used at different steps, in the process of design or project review, with the aim of prevention or training, as a sales support tool ... It applies to many fields such as industry, education, health, defense, sport ...

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